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What are content marketing packages? Should you get one from a well-known company or should you work with a content marketer in-house? What can such a package offer you? 

We’re answering all of these questions and more in today’s post, so keep on reading!

What are content marketing packages?

A content marketing package usually involves a variety of activities and services that you can benefit from depending on how much you are comfortable spending on content marketing. 

These packages are being offered by all sorts of companies across the world. Why should you consider getting a package rather than working with a person in-house?

Well, there are a few reasons for this. More often than not, a content marketing firm will offer you several different things for each package. For example, since the name says it all, content marketing first and foremost involves the creation of content. 

As such, you can expect the first service that can be offered to you to be in the form of blog posts, for example. But there are many others that you can benefit from, such as content for specific kinds of social media, images for your social media posts and blog posts, and even optimization of your former articles. 

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How does content marketing differ from SEO?

This is a pretty good question since this type of marketing shares a lot of similarities and activities with search engine optimization. However, there are some limits and you should be aware of them. 

For example, a content marketer might not be able to help you perfect your technical SEO as they might not have the technical knowledge to be able to do that. 

Some of the things that these two fields of marketing do share, on the other hand, are listed below:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Link building (if the company also offers this)
  • Optimization of images, alt tags, title tags and other such things

Do you need a content marketing service?

It depends on what you do. If you have a brand and want to market it across several different channels, and you also want to get your posts indexed for particular search terms, content marketing could prove their worth to you. 

Nothing beats a perfect content strategy, but the person you will collaborate with should also have some basic knowledge about internal linking, for example. 

You can’t just start creating content and publishing it on your website and not thinking about how the search engines’ crawlers are going to be able to come across it or how your potential readership will discover it. 

Everyone needs content these days even though there are already plenty of resources that exist on hundreds of thousands of websites. The key to a successful content marketing campaign is knowing what you want and setting realistic goals that you and your team should achieve.  

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What does a content marketing service include?

The answer to this question depends on several different factors, such as the company you will choose to work with you on your marketing journey, the amount of experience their employees have, your expectations, and also your budget. 

Usually, most companies have several different packages available. Unfortunately, some of the best-known firms in the industry are going to sell their services for really high prices. You can expect to spend around $2,000 a month for a basic package which might include just one blog post per month. 

You might ask yourself what point there is to spending that amount of money for so little in return, and you could be right. The package might include several other things, such as keyword analysis and competition analysis (especially at first), one newsletter, one 1-2-1 consultation, and a social media campaign. 

The most basic package can typically include the following:

  • One blog post per month
  • One marketing email
  • One initial research for keywords and competitors
  • One social media campaign in the form of 4 to 8 posts

We mentioned the $2,000 fee for these services before, but what you might not know is that there are platforms out there where freelancers can get hired to do pretty much the same thing. 

For example, you might be able to spend just $800 by comparison if you decide to work with a seasoned content marketer from a completely different country, such as South Africa. The package we noted above doesn’t really offer a lot of things, so there are freelancers out there that could feel that they can supply all of this for you and more for a quarter of the cost. 

content marketing packages

Can content marketing help you get more traffic?

In this case, too, it really depends on how it’s done. In theory, yes, but you have to make sure that you set realistic expectations. You can’t expect a content marketing person or company to deliver amazing results during the first month. 

There could be many issues with your website, which some of these people could be able to discover and fix for you. If they have experience with internal linking and link building, they could find out if your site structure is on par and if your silos are correct (if your content is well-organized and crawlable), so they could work on that for a couple of weeks before you witness any boost in your rankings. 

Publishing content on your site on a regular basis is essential as if you stop, your competitors will get way ahead of you. Traffic is money, but it also depends on the type of potential customers you manage to draw to your website. 

For example, if you are in the B2B field, you don’t necessarily want to attract B2B users. Consequently, it will take a bit of time before the content marketing firm will tell exactly what your buyer personas are and how they can satisfy their requirements. 

We’d argue that one of the main differences between standard SEO and content marketing is that the latter largely involves focusing on lead generation. For instance, a content marketer might be able to create an email list of devoted followers thanks to the content they produce, and in the future, you might be able to use that list to market your products or services and actually get sales. 

Blog posts aren’t the only kind of content that these marketers can offer you. They can also create ebooks, white papers, infographics, and a number of different content forms that can be visually appealing and highly informative and that can appeal to your ideal buyers. 

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Who should you work with?

There are both pros and cons when it comes to working with a content marketing agency. The first and most obvious reason to begin a collaboration with a company that’s been around for a lot of years and has acquired the experience that you need for your business goals is that they know what they are doing. 

Naturally, there are content marketing services and content marketing services. You will have to do your research as best as possible to make sure that you are spending your marketing budget wisely. 

The con is that most of these firms’ services tend to cost a lot. Some of the basic plans that we were able to come across are priced at around $850 and only offer the most limited marketing materials, which we have already mentioned.

Another pro would be that you actually have someone to talk to in case you have a question or need help with something in particular. When you get a package that’s pretty expensive, support will be something that you can expect. 

What about working with a freelance content marketer? This, too, can be a feasible option if your marketing budget isn’t huge. However, the main drawback to choosing a freelancer instead of an agency is that you don’t have complete control over what they are doing.

On top of that, they might not have the necessary experience to show you any results and tell you how their efforts have improved your search visibility and marketing campaign on the whole. This, of course, is not a golden rule when it comes to all freelancers, and if you do enough research, you might be able to find the right person. 

What about hiring a content marketer in-house? Choosing to do this needs to be done after you have analyzed several factors. 

First of all, if you start working with a junior content marketer, you might have to train them to be able to offer you additional services. Training takes time, and so will the results that you will expect. In other words, if you need to see a boost in traffic as soon as possible, this might not be the best option. 

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On the other hand, hiring someone in-house gives you control over what they are doing. You can monitor their activity, look at what they’ve done for each week, and analyze the results of your campaigns together. You can also get them to complete courses and go to conferences so that your marketer becomes even more and more experienced. 

The most basic example that we can give you in terms of training is that your content marketer might be great when creating content (blog posts and social media posts) and might know how to optimize their articles so that you rank faster, but they might have no skills or knowledge whatsoever when it comes to using email marketing software such as MailChimp, for instance.

These days, the requirements that a content marketer can have are quite impressive. 

Most content marketers know how to use Adobe Photoshop or whatever software they could use for creating an infographic, they could have some basic knowledge of Canva so that they can optimize images for social media, and even some limited programming skills so that they can tell if your code is working against you. 

In the end, the person or company you choose to work with will have to show you how their services have made a difference for your marketing campaign and your search visibility. 

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Keeping track of your content marketing campaign

If you spend so much money on a package every month, you want to make sure that your goals are going to be met at one point or the other, right? 

Everyone wants to acquire more visitors and generate more sales, but the way this can be done can differ from one content marketer to the next. 

The three basic metrics that any agency can track to look at how your site has grown are the following:

  • Unique visitors
  • Page views and page depth
  • Bounce rate

You should know that results are almost never guaranteed as what might work for a brand might not work for the next. 

Also, the metrics that we have mentioned above aren’t going to give you all the information you need. It would be great if the content marketing agency would also install a code on your website so that you have access to a heatmap and see what people are actually doing on your site. 

Doing this will let you know if your site visitors are engaging with your content enough, the depth of the page to which they might scroll, if they lose their patience for one reason or another, and where they are more likely to click.

If you run an affiliate site, for example, the places where your site users are going to click the most are going to be your images and your product comparison tables. 

These days, almost all people are attracted by visuals, so your content marketer will have to use the right plugins and images so that they can effectively increase sales for you.  

Depending on what you see on your heatmap, the team at the agency you work with will be able to perfect the content so that it generates more leads in the future. 

Larger content marketing packages can offer things like landing pages, press releases, CTAs, and pretty much anything that you might ever need. Unfortunately, these can be quite expensive, so they might set you back anything between $7,500 and $10,000 a month. 

Need help with your SEO or digital marketing efforts? We have lots of plans and courses available. Get in touch to find out how we can be of assistance!

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