Best Places To Learn SEO

So to answer this question, there are a number of places that you can learn SEO. Personally, I read books, I was on forums, I was paying people for training courses. I was checking up everything online, speaking to as many people as I could. But back when I was learning SEO, and there wasn’t conferences and stuff like that, so you had to rely on books pretty much, and forums. Forums were a great place, not so good maybe though.

But SEO is not about what I learned back then. It’s what’s working now is the most important thing. And the best place for me to learn SEO, and continue developing and learn the new techs and new techniques would be private masterminds if you can get into one. Private masterminds are quite hard to get into unless you know someone, or you pay through the nose for it.

Learn at SEO Conferences

Conferences are great. And what I would see about conferences, is be careful about who you’re listening to, if you’ve gone to the actual confidence to listen to speakers. Some speakers are pitching their own products, tools, and services. And the information’s not always a hundred percent accurate. That said, some speakers are very, very good and give a hell of a lot away. So I’m not knocking conferences, because I do conference speaking myself. But as a learning place, you have to be careful in who you watch.

SEO Meetups

Local meetups are a really good place to interact with other people, who are maybe at the same level as yourself. And there’s also advanced people at meetups and SEO speakers who go to meetups. And you can learn a hell of a lot at the local meetups. That’s a big one for me just now. So get yourself out there. I learn a lot of meetups. And the reason I see that as some speakers will not talk on stage. Or when they do talk on stage the half to be careful in what they say in case it’s misinterpreted, or they get in trouble or whatever it may be. So go to meetups where potentially the talk is not being recorded, you may learn a lot more. There are some great meetups, I help run SEO Meetup Glasgow and SEO Chester, but there are some other great ones I’ve personally attended such as:

These local SEO meetups are happening all over the place, I’d have a look round and see what’s going in on your local area.

Networking at Conferences

As I say conferences are good. Out with the speaker part of it, I think for me I attend a lot of conferences. And what I find quite valuable is speaking to people and networking at the conference. Going to beers after it, and chatting to people, some of this stuff you pick up at those events and bars and whatnot when people have loosened up over a few beers I think is invaluable. And again I would encourage people not to sit in your bedroom and try and learn SEO, get out and mingle with people, learn from people. And you even get mentored by someone if you bump into that right person at the conference. And I think obviously people are at conferences are spending time and effort themselves to learn and develop the skills, and you know what that’s the kind of people you want to surround yourself with. I think the case here is surrounding yourself with the right people and that can be invaluable.

Online SEO Training

By all means, there are also online training courses, I do sell training courses as do many others. And I would also always say do your research, because a lot of courses are dated, and have information that maybe on certain techniques or tools or practices that worked a year or two ago. They’re not necessarily going to work for you now. So be careful about what courses you buy. Again, that said there’s a lot of good courses online. A lot of people are releasing a lot of good information out there.

Social Media Groups

And you’ve also got social media, Facebook groups and stuff like that. And again, Facebook groups you can learn, there are some good groups out there. And people are sharing a lot of good information. They’re doing a lot of, ask me anything kind of webinars and stuff like that.

And I would also look to webinars. Webinars are a great place to watch and listen to experienced SEOs talking. You’ve also got podcasts where a lot of good information’s given away. But again with webinars and podcasts, you are sometimes restricted in what you can say because again, people pick up things or twist things or whatever it may be. So I don’t think that you’re going to get the full information from someone over a podcast or whatever. But again, there are so many places you can learn SEO. I’m not sure if there are forums out there, I don’t really participate in any forums any more. But for me before the forums was a great place in the past but that has died down a lot in recent years.

But as I say there’s always a lot of local meetups. And stuff and most towns, I’ve have spoken at a lot of places have all had meetups, even abroad. And I think dealing with local people, talking to them, bouncing ideas off them, getting suggestions, understanding how they work. Finding out more about the processes, who they buy from, what vendors they’re using. All of that kind of stuff can come from just chatting to someone at a meetup.

So these would probably be where I would say is the best place to learn SEO. Not by reading a book. And again good books that we are, but you know a lot of people have written books. And there’s a lot of books out there that are not what the people that are written on, to be quite honest with you. So be careful who you follow.

Follow good SEO Blogs

Also, there’s a lot of guys still doing good blog posts and stuff like that. Be careful where you followed through because I followed the guys for years when I was learning. Just getting run in cycles, wasn’t quite sure what was going on, or what people were doing. And you know, I was just the kind of young enthusiastic guy that people were just telling jokes to and feeding any old garbage bit of information to. Because I’m quite… I’m trying to think of the best word to use. But one of those guys that’s positive, I would try anything and spent a lot of wasted time and money on things that didn’t actually work. So be careful about who you follow because again a lot of people are saying things and doing things because they’ll be paid to do so.

Some great blogs I’ve learned a lot from over the years would be:

  • Matthew Woodward
  • Diggity Marketing
  • Fat Rank
  • SEO by the Sea
  • Distilled
  • Gotch SEO
  • LionZealAnd do your research, do follow the right people. I would always advise, don’t follow 10 guys. Probably follow two or three, because with SEO it’s an ever-changing subject and people using different techniques and tactics to rank well. And those guys doing affiliate marketing from sales who don’t do client work, who are using probably more aggressive strategies, then you may be working on an agency. So try and learn from someone who works in a similar kind of environment from yourself as well. So if you want to be the agency guy and learn the basics then go and learn from someone who built up great agency.For example, Ryan Stewart, he built up an agency very quickly over in America. And probably someone that you would want to look to, to learn from. And then there are loads of affiliate marketing guys all killing it. But the use slightly more aggressive strategies and don’t really have the answer to clients and stuff. So take them to find what’s the right fit from you. That would be my advice on where’s the best place to learn SEO. There are probably loads more. But there are my key tips for learning SEO.

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I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 18 years.

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