Be Aware: How You Can Delist Someones GMB Listing

So today I found a massive flaw on Google My Business, so as you all know anyone can suggest an edit on anyone’s website, Google allows people to be able to go and suggest edits but providing you have verified your account you will normally be notified of any changes and edits to your account.

But wait till you hear this, you can suggest a business has yet to open using any old Google account ( you don’t have to be a local guide ) and within a day your listing goes down, sounds like bullshit I know, but this actually happened to one of my own websites and when digging about I found the flaw.

I tried and tested this on a few other of my own websites using a couple of different Gmail accounts and found out that it works just as I thought. Cannot believe such a flaw has got through Googles testing but it would appear it has done.

I’ve made a video showing how easy this that you can see below, No notification nothing at all when someone does this on the opening date of your business, really bizarre flaw and now what we will have is people doing this on a massive scale, I was posting about this on my Facebook page and a few guys were actually saying this was part of some peoples Local SEO Strategy.

I’m one for tricks and bending the rules a little, but being able to Delist someones GMB listing is a bit of a joke, it will be a free for all and there is no real way to defend yourself against this flaw other than logging in every day and manually checking your GMB listing. And I for one do not want to have to check GMB listings as one of my daily processes for my money sites so hopefully, this raises awareness of the problem and Google patch that flaw up fairly quickly.


Video Transcript

Hi guys. Just a quick video to show you a massive flaw in Google My Business. So normally, locally if you Google SEO Glasgow, I normally come in the top slot here. So no real reason for that to change. So I was wondering what was going on and I went through my Google My Business listing and I seen that someone changed my opening date ’til the 15th of January 2020.

Now, I’ve not been notified whatsoever of this change. So people can simply go in to anyone’s website. So whether it’s a builder in London. You can go to any My Business listing and you can suggest an edit. Now you can change name, you can do whatever, and you can go down to add an opening date.

Now you can basically save … By default, it’ll say this place is already open. You could switch that to not open yet. Click done. Now I’m not gonna do that. Not gonna touch the guy’s listing. But you can basically click done, and what’ll happen is, within a few hours, that guy who doesn’t get any notification, has his map listing removed because he’s not opened.

So it’s a massive flaw on Google My Business and although I’m normally used to doing things a bit outside the box when it comes to ranking well, I think there’s a massive flaw that does need addressed and you have to be careful. So, when you’re not being notified of these kind of changes, it can leave you with your map listing down and obviously if your generating revenue and money, it’s very simple and easy for any old Tom, Dick or Harry to go in and suggest an edit, and wipe your map listing out.

So, at present, this works very well. It’s mid-January 2019. Can’t believe there’s such a flaw. Obviously what will happen here, is I’m gonna go back and change my own listing back to 2019 and it will go pending. It will tell you that a couple of days time, I think it can take up to three days for these changes to take effect. But very quickly, what will happen is, if I Google SEO Glasgow, there, my map listing comes back. So, it’s a bit of a joke and a massive, massive flaw for that to happen. Obviously, people just can Willy Nilly log in, change the opening date and basically mess up the traffic that you get from your Google My Business listing, so be very aware. Do log in and check manually. You can go into your Google My Business, check that opening date and make sure you keep on top of it because I’m sure, when videos go out, and more and more people find about this flaw, the more and more people are gonna find that they’re losing traffic from the My Business listing.

So be very, very careful, very aware of this weird and wonderful flaw that Google seems to allow to happen at the moment. I’m sure it will be patched up very soon but, yeah, just be careful man.

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