By Georgina 7th Jan 2021
What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO website audit can be essential when it comes to establishing what factors affect the way you are ranking. It can […]

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By Georgina 6th Jan 2021
Best Blogging Platform

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, you’re probably looking for the best blogging platform out there. Well, there’s no such thing. […]

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By Georgina 5th Jan 2021
Best Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions can make your life easier in every way. Sure, some of them are safer than others, and you always […]

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By Georgina 1st Jan 2021
Knowledge Panel, Things to Avoid, Mistakes I made

Mistakes I made when trying to trigger the knowledge panel So triggering a knowledge panel might seem easy, but it really isn’t […]

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By Georgina 23rd Dec 2020
WordPress.org vs .com

WordPress is by far one of the most popular platforms and content management systems out there, but it can actually mean two […]

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By Georgina 22nd Dec 2020
What is Cloaking? Using Personalized Content

Cloaking can be simply defined as showing one thing, but doing another. It’s a common term that appears in science fiction and […]

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By Georgina 21st Dec 2020
Link Building Strategies

Acquiring links should always be an important part of your SEO strategy, whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, the number and […]

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By Georgina 12th Dec 2020
Instagram SEO

Instagram isn’t the best platform for everyone, and that’s because not everyone is good at creating visually appealing content. Furthermore, some people’s […]

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By Georgina 11th Dec 2020
PeoplePerHour Review

You might have heard of PeoplePerHour whether you are a freelancer looking for new work or you’re looking to hire someone or […]

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By Georgina 10th Dec 2020
Affiliate Disclosure

Up until recently, the Amazon Affiliate disclosure and the FTC affiliate disclosure statement were two different things. Back in the day, Amazon […]

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By Georgina 8th Dec 2020
GoDaddy Affiliate Program Review

Since GoDaddy is a huge and well-known company, you probably aren’t going to have a hard time convincing your readers that their […]

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