Analysing Google Algorithm Updates with Mordy Oberstein

Podcast with Mordy Oberstein

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mordy Oberstein as my first guest of 2020 and the topic of discussion was what Mordy actually does day to day out with his Podcast with RankRanger, so it was good to find out more about him being an analyst who uses data to try and find patterns with Google algorithm updates.

We went on to talk about how some of that works and some of his recent ideas on the most recent Google updates.

Googles Recent Updates

Google are doing updates all the time, and at times sometimes we don’t realise to what extent as we are working on our own little projects and not fully aware of some of the impacts that are happening across the board. With access to a ton of data via Rank Ranger, someone like Mordy is fortunate enough to be able to see wide-scale changes to rankings and then able to take that and try and unravel the information and find more about what actually was updated and why it’s having the impact it has on peoples’ websites.

None of us will ever know the exact details about any Google update, but I think if I’ve learned over the years to listen to anyone, it’s those who do a lot of research, testing and work with large sets of data to make these judgements. There is always going to be a lot of scaremongering and invalid opinions thrown about online and you need to be careful which of those opinions you follow.

You can listen to Mordy’s podcast with me above, or if you want to see what other podcast episodes I have available then check out my Podcast page.

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