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Yesterday’s news that Amazon has further slashed their affiliate commissions via amazon associates is yet another kick in the teeth to people trying to survive with clients pausing during the coronavirus pandemic affiliate marketing and amazon seemed to be a major focus for many people over the last few weeks. Amazon has slashed their affiliate revenue 3 times now in the last 3 years and this time gave us a full 7 days notice that they are about to cut peoples commission in half if not more.

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Amazon clearly don’t need their affiliates anymore that’s clear from the continuous reduction of their commissions, the fact people want next day delivery and people very often go direct to amazon anyway means that there will be a heap of guys who are all in on Amazon who are now in serious trouble, content writers hired by these guys will need to find alternative work, unless you find Amazon Affiliate Alternatives, in my opinion, Amazon is for lazy people who can’t be bothered to approach private affiliates or find something more lucrative. There is a whole bunch of ways you can monetize your website better and get away from Amazon, it’s simply a case of pivoting in a new direction. You own the site, the site generates decent traffic and of course, there will be someone out there who will pay you for the privilege of selling products via your website.

Amazon Affiliate Alternatives


Find a private affiliate that pays better commission

There are tons of private companies out there who offer decent commissions, for example, I have a golf website that 100% of the sales were all via Amazon, now I can quite easily approach a USA based Golf Retailer who does affiliate sales and take advantage of the commissions that they have available. I simply need to check the commissions which on average are around 8-10% which is actually better than 4 % I was getting with amazon anyway.

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In many cases I used to buy Amazon websites with a view to monetizing them in a different way, by investing in an amazon website and changing the monetization model was a quick way of doubling revenue that would allow me to flip the website for a much higher profit margin. So get out there and use this exact model in your own niche right now, its the easiest and most efficient way to hang onto your revenue if not increasing it.

Pet Affiliate Alternatives is an alternative platform for people who have pet related websites where you can add your links and get a decent commission from a company who respects their affiliates. They also are known for fast shipping and that’s the key point, finding a supplier who can deliver as fast as Amazon do, people will happily pay a few pounds more in a lot of cases simply to get the item quicker.

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They stock thousands of brands and products and will give you as many products as you would get on Amazon and a better commission which in turn makes Chewey a great alternative to Amazon for affiliate sales so have a look at them and see if can be the option where you continue to grow your affiliate marketing website.

Travel Affiliates

While at this very moment in time it might not be the best affiliate with most people self-isolating in their homes. There are plenty of travel companies out there that offer very generous commissions. Anything from hotels to flights these websites will offer and with so many packages for travel all over the world, there is a lot of money to be made here.

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TripAdvisor, that you’ve probably already heard off is a very popular website used by millions around the globe. They offer an amazing 50% commission on any affiliate sales that come through their site.

So for example, if you happened to run a travel blog that reviewed different travel destinations, food reviews, hotels etc, you could join their affiliate program and start earning a commission anytime someone decides to book based on what you have to say about it. There is even a 14 day cookie duration which means you can still capture the people that take a couple of days to make the decision to buy.

TripAdvisor is just one of the many travel companies with affiliate programs set up, a few more I recommend checking out are Expedia, and Travelpayouts.

Makeup Affiliates

For anyone one into beauty and makeup, there are loads of programs out there to start earning affiliate money. One of the most popular companies for this is Avon.

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Avon is one of the largest beauty companies in the world and has affiliates set up so that anyone can start earning commissions on beauty and care products. You can earn up to 10% as a new customer with a 30-day cookie duration giving you a great chance to earn from a returning customer. Avon will even send you out free beauty products when you start the program with them.

Music Affiliates

When it comes to music there are so many avenues you can down to start making affiliate money. From ticket websites to iTunes there is plenty of commission to be made.

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Ticketmaster is the biggest ticketing company in the UK and operate all over the world supplying tickets for all type of events such as Music, comedy, festivals etc. Their affiliate program is quite interesting because you can get access to their developer tools which includes APIs allowing you to integrate ticket sales through your own website and still receive commissions from the sale.

Other Affiliates I would suggest looking at is iTunes and Gear4Music. With iTunes you can earn money 7% commissions by linking to movies, TV shows, apps and books.

Gear4Music is a supplier of all types of musical equipment from instruments to Stage Lighting and you can earn commission on any product they stock using one of the affiliate networks they’re partnered with.

Gaming Affiliates

Unlike the last affiliate, this one is perfect in the current climate. For those of you that are into gaming or streaming content on platforms like Youtube, there are plenty of ways to monetise it. The most popular one being Twitch.

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Twitch’s affiliate program helps gamers dreams become a reality with the ability to make money from your audience and game sales. Twitch offers a 50% commission on all subscriptions and you can even earn money from people subscribed for free through amazon prime.

The affiliate requirements are very achievable here also. If you have 50 Twitch followers and stream 500 minutes over the last 30 days on seven unique days then you are in. The beauty of this affiliate is there is no certain game genre you have to play, there is an audience no matter what one interests you the most.

Fitness Affiliates

Again with the current pandemic, there are differences in the way some of these affiliates work at the moment but for those of you who are passionate about fitness, there are plenty of ways to earn through affiliate programs.

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Fitness Superstore are a massive supplier in the UK for lots of different equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, weights, boxing equipment etc. With the store being so varied in appliances you can essentially pick a niche within the fitness industry and with a lot of the items being high value the more you be able to make from each sale.

Awin Affiliate

If building a website and finding a product worth selling is more your thing (Similar to Amazin Acossiates) then Awin might be the affiliate network for you.

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While the commissions here arent quite as good as some of the others mentioned. There is still money to be made here if you have good understanding and ability in online marketing.

There are loads of big brands on here from all different industries such as fashion, phone networks, home appliances etc. With this type of model you can build your own affiliate site, starting gaining traffic and earn commissions for every sale. If you begin to see consistent earnings every month then you can even look at selling the website further down the line.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, other monetization options, as well as all things SEO, use the button below to get in touch. We have many plans available for everyone.


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